Thoughts on Jedward’s #6 draw position

Adrian Kavanagh, 13th May 2011

There’s no use trying to argue that this is nothing other than a fairly lousy draw, given that acts draw to perform in the earlier stages of Eurovision finals generally tend to do worse than those on later – just as the ate draw worked for us in the semi final this earlier draw can’t help our Eurovision hopes. It is not as bad as the No. 2 draw of course, which fell to the luckless Dino Merlin of Bosnia who had already had to perform at the No. 1 position in Thursday’s semi final, or the No. 3 draw, which would seriously millitate against the Danish hopes. But the Irish draw position becomes worse when you consider that it is towards the start of an uptempo song road-block in the earlier part of the draw, stretching from the No.5 draw position to the No.10 draw position – there is a similar slower tempo/ballad road block in the later part of the draw stretching from the No.18 draw position effectively to the No.23 position (with Spain in No.22 breaking this sequence).


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