Carlsberg don’t do Eurovision Semi Final Allocation Draws but if they did… What does the 2022 Eurovision Semi Final Allocation Draw mean for Ireland

January 25, 2022

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th January 2022

The semi final allocation draw for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest took place earlier today and it was generally a very good one for Ireland.

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Running Orders for 2021 Eurovision Semi Finals – Who Wins/Loses?

March 30, 2021

Adrian Kavanagh, 30th March 2021

The producers of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest (taking place in Rotterdam in May) have just announced the running orders for the two semi finals. As is always the case, some countries have fared better than others with these semi final allocation decisions.

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Eurovision Semi Final Allocation Draw 2020: What does it mean for Ireland

January 28, 2020


Adrian Kavanagh, 28th January 2020

Earlier this afternoon the semi final allocation draw for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Rotterdam. What did this mean for Ireland? This post will tease out the draw in terms of what was good, not-so-good and bad about this in terms of shaping Ireland’s chances of qualifying for this year’s Final. Read the rest of this entry »

41 countries take part in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest: Here are the confirmed Acts/Songs

January 6, 2020

First posted by Adrian Kavanagh on 6th January 2020

Towards the end of 2019, it was confirmed that 41 countries will take part in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Lisbon in early May – the Final will take place on Saturday 12th May, with the two semi-finals to take place on Tuesday 8th May and Thursday 10th May. The line up of countries is similar to that of most of the recent Eurovision contests. This time around, Bulgaria and Ukraine return to the contest – having missed the 2019 contest – while Montenegro and Hungary have withdrawn.

10th March 2020: At this stage, we already know all forty one of the acts that will be taking part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and have heard forty of the songs (all apart from Russia).

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The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final Draw

January 28, 2019

Adrian Kavanagh, 28th January 2019

Big 5/Host countries: Spain, Israel, France will show/vote in Semi Final 1, while United Kingdom, Italy and Germany show/vote in Semi Final 2.


The Draw: 

This is a bit of a mixed bag from an Irish perspective. The big win here is the fact that the United Kingdom will be voting in this semi final. Other plus points include the fact that a number of other countries who are “relatively” generous to Ireland in terms of Eurovision points are also voting in this semi final, including Denmark, Malta, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Romania. However, on the negative side of things, this semi final includes a number of countries that have very strong qualification records – including a number of countries that have qualified from every semi final, bar one, since 2004 – Sweden, Romania, Russia and Azerbaijan – and a number of other countries that have qualified from most of the semi finals that they have taken part in (especially over the last ten years); Norway, Armenia and Denmark. Other countries, such as Austria, Moldova and The Netherlands, have enjoyed a run of good form in the contest in recent years, while it remains to be seen if this year’s high profile X Factor Malta selection process can bring about an improved performance this year for Malta.

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October 30, 2018

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Discussing the 2018 Eurovision Semi Final Running Order Allocations

April 3, 2018

Adrian Kavanagh, 3rd April 2018

The running order allocations for the two semi finals of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv (Ukraine) were announced this morning.


This is of interest, as one of the factors that can shape a country’s hopes of winning, or doing well in, the contest is the position in the contest running order that they get to perform in, with the usual rule of thumb suggesting that a later draw position will significantly help a country’s hopes of doing well. Positions in the running order had traditionally been decided by a draw up to the 2012 contest. But since the 2012 contest in Malmo, participating countries have just drawn to decide whether they will perform in the first half or second half of a contest, with the Host TV producers then deciding the running order based on what combination of entries works the best in terms of producing a better TV show. (The Host country is the only one that draws to decide their position in the Final running order and Portugal drew the eight position in the Final running order a few weeks earlier.) That practice has also been used this year and the running order allocations for the two semi finals of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest were released earlier today by the host broadcaster RTPRead the rest of this entry »

Upcoming Conference (14th March): Eurovision Unplugged: The Eurovision Song Contest – The Geography, The History, The Votes and The Songs

March 7, 2018

Eurovision Unplugged: The Eurovision Song Contest – The Geography, The History, The Votes and The Songs

One-Day Conference (11.00 – 3.30), Wednesday 14th March 2018

Room 11, School of Education, Maynooth University (North Campus)

Featuring Contributions from:

  • Zena Donnelly: Ireland’s representative at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (only contestant to write their own composition)– only person to finish in the Top 10 of a Eurovision contest with an entry in the Irish language)
  • Michael Kealy (RTÉ): Irish Head of Delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Padraig Muldoon: Deputy Editor of wiwibloggs – the most-read independent Eurovision website)
  • Johnny Fallon (Carr Communications): Eurovision aficionado
  • Caoilfhionn D’Arcy (Maynooth University): Geography/Music graduate and Eurovision enthusiast
  • Adrian Kavanagh (Maynooth University): Lecturer at Maynooth University Department of Geography, Eurovision fanatic…er analyst
  • And…Members of the Audience

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Ireland’s Eurovision 2018 Semi Final Draw: “A lot done, more to do…”

January 29, 2018

Adrian Kavanagh, 29th January 2018

So, from the perspective of Ireland’s hopes of qualifying for the 2018 Final, how good was today’s Eurovision semi-final allocation draw in Lisbon? The initial reaction was very positive, especially given that the United Kingdom was drawn to vote in the semi-final that Ireland is performing in. But was it really that good? It’s time to unpick the 2018 Semi Final draw, especially with reference to the potential selections that I had earlier identified as Ireland’s dream draw and night draw, as I discussed in greater detail in the previous post. Read the rest of this entry »

Eurovision 2018 Semi-Final Allocation Draw: What is Ireland’s “dream draw” and “nightmare draw”?

January 23, 2018

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd January 2018

As reported on the official Eurovision Song Contest website, the allocation draw for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest semi finals will take place on Monday (29th January 2018) in Lisbon City Hall (at 13.00 Common European Time). After this draw, Ireland will know whether the Irish act will be taking part in Semi Final 1 (on 8th May 2017) or Semi Final 2 (on 10th May 2017) and will also know the 17/18 other countries that will be competing against the Irish act for one of the ten qualifying slots from this semi final. The three Big 5/Host countries that will have the right to vote in the different semi finals will also be known after this. This post will assess the possibilities facing Ireland ahead of this draw and pinpoint what would be an drawn/nightmare draw for the Irish act.  Read the rest of this entry »