Who are countries likely to give the big points in Eurovision 2012 Final

Who are countries likely to give the big points to in tonight’s Final? Here’s the likely suspects based on these patterns of voting since the introduction of televoting in 1998:

  • Albania: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia¬†
  • Montenegro: Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania
  • Romania: Moldova, Greece, Hungary, Turkey
  • Austria: Serbia, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany
  • Ukraine: Azerbaijan, Russia, Moldova,
  • Belarus: Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova
  • Belgium: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan – (Safura Alizadeh giving points, she was their entrant in 2010): Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Moldova
  • Malta: Italy, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Greece, United Kingdom
  • San Marino: Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey
  • France: Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Spain
  • United Kingdom: Ireland, Greece, Italy, Lithuania
  • Turkey: Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Ukraine, Moldova¬†
  • Greece: Cyprus, Italy, Albania, Azerbaijan
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy
  • Moldova: Romania, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine
  • Bulgaria: Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Azerbaijan
  • Switzerland: Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Turkey
  • Slovenia: Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia
  • Cyprus: er…Greece! Azerbaijan, Russia, Romania
  • Croatia: Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania
  • Slovakia: Norway, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Sweden
  • FYR Macedonia: Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia
  • Netherlands: Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia, Greece
  • Portugal: Italy, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain
  • Iceland: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary
  • Sweden: Denmark, Norway, Bosnia, Iceland
  • Norway: Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Bosnia
  • Lithuania: Italy, Russia, Estonia, Azerbaijan
  • Estonia: Russia, Sweden, Italy, Norway
  • Denmark: Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Turkey
  • Ireland: Lithuania, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy
  • Latvia: Italy, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania
  • Spain: Italy, Romania, Germany, Ukraine
  • Finland – (Mr Lordi presenting!!!): Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Iceland
  • Georgia: Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy
  • Italy: Romania, United Kingdom, Cyprus
  • Serbia: Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary, Greece
  • Germany: Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia
  • Russia: Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece
  • Hungary: Azerbaijan, Greece, Iceland, Serbia
  • Israel: Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Azerbaijan

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