Eurovision 2012: New Friends For Ireland?

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd May 2012

Leaving aside the advantage of our great semi final draw, the previous post on the voting histories of the different countries voting in Semi Final 1 suggested that Ireland would struggle to qualify if previous vote patterns were replicated in this year’s semi final. Given the fact that geography was not working to their advantage, the achievement of Jedward in qualifying for Saturday’s final (and indeed last year’s final) cannot be under-estimated. So what happened and where did Ireland get the votes? We won’t know until the official release of the semi final scores (and points awarded by the different countries) after the Final on Saturday night. It may well be that countries who voted strongly for Jedward in 2011, such as regular Ireland supporters such as Denmark, Finland and Latvia, but also countries such as Belgium and Spain which gave good points to Ireland last year after a decade of low points tallies from these, did so again and in sufficient numbers to just about edge Ireland into the final placings.  Alternately, it may have been the case that Ireland this year picked up points from countries, such as Greece, Cyprus, Moldova, Russia and Montenegro, that have not voted for us much, or indeed at all, in previous Eurovisions. If this was the case, it may well suggest that Jedward finished in a higher place in this year’s semi final than they did last year in Dusseldorf (8th place, just 15 points ahead of the 11th placed country) and may augur well for an improved result in the Final especially given Jedward’s much much better draw position.



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