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How Ireland fared in Eurovision Semi Final 2. How Ireland voted in Semi Final 2/the Final: Televote and Jury Vote breakdowns

May 15, 2016

Adrian Kavanagh, 15th May 2016

Ireland finished in 15th place in the second Eurovision Semi Final with 46 points – the last country to qualify, Serbia, finished with 105 points. Australia won this semi-final with 330 points, followed by Ukraine on 287 points in second place and Belgium on 274 points in third place.

How did Ireland fare with the (other) countries who were voting in this semi-final? Based on the details provided from the official Eurovision website, we can see that Ireland were ranked accordingly by the other 20 countries who were voting in our semi-final: (more…)

Please Support – Eurovision Handbook in aid of Irish Cancer Society

May 9, 2013

The Eurovision Handbook 2013, which accompanies much of the research underpinning this page, is out now! Profits going to Irish Cancer Society.

Johnny Fallon

As someone who likes traditions and loves voting its no surprise that Im a huge Eurovision fan. This year, I have been lucky enough to team up with Adrian Kavanagh in order to produce ‘The 2013 Eurovision Handbook’. As many of you will know Adrian is one of the best statistical minds there is and his research on Eurovision is just amazing stuff. We decided that, whether you are a fan or not, the Eurovision contains a lot of interesting vote patterns, stories and fun.

Putting all this together we hope to give you a new way of looking at the contest and raise so money for the Irish Cancer Society while we are at it. All royalties from this book will be donated and we will not be taking any cut from it.

This handbook gives you a run down on each country and its record in the competition…

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Eurovision 2012: New Friends For Ireland?

May 24, 2012

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd May 2012

Leaving aside the advantage of our great semi final draw, the previous post on the voting histories of the different countries voting in Semi Final 1 suggested that Ireland would struggle to qualify if previous vote patterns were replicated in this year’s semi final. Given the fact that geography was not working to their advantage, the achievement of Jedward in qualifying for Saturday’s final (and indeed last year’s final) cannot be under-estimated. So what happened and where did Ireland get the votes? (more…)

NUI Maynooth Presidential Election Task (a NUI Maynooth Apprentice task run by Bill Kav-llen)

October 19, 2011

The NUIM Apprentice Presidental Election Task

This task invites each of the three student teams to contest the NUIM Apprentice Presidential election – and the stipulation that you need to be an Irish citizen aged 35 years, or over, will not apply here! (more…)