Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Final/Semi Final YouTube Views

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th May 2017

As reported on the official Eurovision website (23rd May 2017), 182 million people viewed the three Eurovision live shows (final and two semi-finals) this year. (The number is down on the 2016 level, as the show was not broadcast in Russia this year.)

But, of course, it is possible to watch replays of the show, as well as the different acts, online by means of a number of different mechanisms, including YouTube.

I estimate that, roughly ten days after the 2017 Final, there had been over 70 million views (70,228,171) of the official final/semi-final performance videos for all of the 2017 Eurovision acts via the official Eurovision YouTube platform.

On the evening of Tuesday 23rd May there had been a combined 30,687,811 views of the official final performance videos for the 26 acts/countries that took part in this year’s Grand Final. By that same evening, there had been a combined 39,540,360 views of the official semi final performance videos for the 36 acts/countries that took part in either Semi Final 1 and Semi Final 2, as well as the “Big 5/Host” countries who performed during those semi finals (only parts of these performances were televised during the live shows, but the full performance videos were made available subsequently through the official Eurovision YouTube page).

Which acts/countries have attracted the most views for their official final/semi final performance videos?

Looking solely at views of the official performance videos for the Grand Final (as of 7.00pm on Tuesday 23 May 2017), it is perhaps not surprising that contest winners, Portugal, have attracted the most views.

1 PORTUGAL 7,433,883
2 MOLDOVA 4,616,732
3 ROMANIA 2,315,587
4 BULGARIA 2,049,072
5 SPAIN 1,847,201
6 ITALY 1,426,244
7 HUNGARY 1,184,034
8 SWEDEN 1,142,341
9 FRANCE 1,062,586
10 BELGIUM 982,930
11 NORWAY 749,685
12 CYPRUS 565,373
13 UKRAINE 560,905
14 GERMANY 555,358
15 BELARUS 544,140
16 GREECE 532,408
17 NETHERLANDS 452,326
18 AZERBAIJAN 448,690
19 CROATIA 427,182
20 ISRAEL 308,587
22 POLAND 285,383
23 AUSTRALIA 275,427
24 AUSTRIA 268,088
25 DENMARK 207,088
26 ARMENIA 142,566

The next highest countries in this list are Moldova and Romania, who finished in the 3rd and 7th positions overall, but these were also countries that attracted more votes/support from the televote than from the jury vote – for instance, Romania were ranked only in 15th position by the jury vote, but finished in 5th place with the televote. Both these countries rank ahead of Bulgaria, who finished in 2nd place overall in the Final, in terms of overall YouTube video views, with Bulgaria placing in 4th position on the list above. Rather surprisingly, the other position in the Top 5 in this list is filled by Spain, who finished in last place in the Grand Final.

However, a large number of people would have also viewed the semi final performance videos of the 26 acts/countries that performed in the Grand Final. In some cases, more people will have viewed the semi final performance video for a Grand Final act than the number who viewed the final performance video for that act/country. This is not the case with Spain, as almost three-quarter (74.2%) of views of the two Spain performance YouTube videos were of the Grand Final performance. But it is very much the case with other acts/countries, whose semi final performance YouTube videos accounted for a much larger share/percentage of their total YouTube performance video views, including Armenia (83.2%), Poland (81.5%), Croatia (78.4%) and Belgium (75.2%).

Final Semi Final Total
1 PORTUGAL 7,433,883 6,276,139 13,710,022
2 MOLDOVA 4,616,732 3,672,385 8,289,117
3 BULGARIA 2,049,072 3,831,014 5,880,086
4 ROMANIA 2,315,587 1,737,764 4,053,351
5 BELGIUM 982,930 2,978,561 3,961,491
6 ITALY 1,426,244 1,990,816 3,417,060
7 HUNGARY 1,184,034 2,159,277 3,343,311
8 SWEDEN 1,142,341 1,373,424 2,515,765
9 SPAIN 1,847,201 643,231 2,490,432
10 CROATIA 427,182 1,551,988 1,979,170
11 FRANCE 1,062,586 617,366 1,679,952
12 POLAND 285,383 1,258,515 1,543,898
13 GREECE 532,408 982,223 1,514,631
14 CYPRUS 565,373 937,818 1,503,191
15 AZERBAIJAN 448,690 870,895 1,319,585
16 NORWAY 749,685 384,453 1,134,138
17 BELARUS 544,140 481,161 1,025,301
18 NETHERLANDS 452,326 565,838 1,018,164
19 ISRAEL 308,587 697,367 1,005,954
20 UKRAINE 560,905 364,612 925,517
21 AUSTRALIA 275,427 628,589 904,016
22 GERMANY 555,358 321,375 876,733
23 ARMENIA 142,566 706,127 848,693
24 UNITED KINGDOM 303,995 454,994 758,989
25 AUSTRIA 268,088 281,460 549,548
26 DENMARK 207,088 190,413 397,501

When the combined views of semi-final and final performance YouTube videos are looked at, Portugal remains very much top of this list with a combined total of almost 14 million views for their semi-final and final performance videos. Moldova remain second on this list (with a combined number of over 8 million views). With a very high number (almost 4 million) of views for their semi final performance video, Bulgaria now edge past Romania to take up the third position in this list. With Romania in fourth position, Belgium fill the other position in the Top 5 of the combined Eurovision final/semi final YouTube performance views.

It is worth noting here that the combined views of the final/semi final performance videos for nineteen of the countries on this list exceeded the one million mark as of Tuesday 23rd May (and some other countries may have subsequently moved into this category over the past few days, or may move into this category subsequently). Even the countries in the lower reaches of this table have attracted a considerable number of views for their performance videos – with Denmark, as of now (25 May), having attracted a total number of over 400,000 views for their final and semi final performance videos.

1 MONTENEGRO 722,310
2 SERBIA 443,279
3 LATVIA 440,405
4 ESTONIA 318,044
6 GEORGIA 252,955
7 ALBANIA 196,536
8 ICELAND 165,879
9 FINLAND 161,900
10 IRELAND 146,101
11 SLOVENIA 119,507
12 LITHUANIA 113,517
14 SAN MARINO 64,610
15 MALTA 53,940
16 FYR MACEDONIA 31,157**

What about the countries/acts that did not qualify for the Final? The table above shows that the performance video for Montenegro attracted the most views, followed by Serbia, Latvia, Estonia and Switzerland. All of these acts/countries, as well as Georgia, have attracted over a quarter of a million views for their semi final performance video clips.

** FYR Macedonia’s figures here are artificially low as, due to technical issues, the Macedonian semi-final performance clip had to be replaced and the current version of their semi final performance video was not published on YouTube until 22nd May 2017, over ten days after the semi-final performance videos for the other seventeen acts/countries taking part in that semi final (and Germany, Ukraine and France) were published. As of the time that this post was created (25th May), the semi-final performance clip for FYR Macedonia had attracted over fifty thousand (51,108) views.



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