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Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Final/Semi Final YouTube Views

May 25, 2017

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th May 2017 – updated 8th February 2018.

As reported on the official Eurovision website (23rd May 2017), 182 million people viewed the three Eurovision live shows (final and two semi-finals) in 2017. (The number is down on the 2016 level, as the show was not broadcast in Russia this year.)

But, of course, it is possible to watch replays of the show, as well as the different acts, online by means of a number of different mechanisms, including YouTube.

I estimated that, roughly ten days after the 2017 Final, there had been over 70 million views (70,228,171) of the official final/semi-final performance videos for all of the 2017 Eurovision acts via the official Eurovision YouTube platform. Nine months later (on 18th February 2018), this number had risen to just over 107 million (107,161,846) combined views of the official final/semi-final performance videos. (more…)