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Irish Times/Isbos-MRBI Opinion Poll June 11 2010: A Geographical Perspective

December 4, 2009

The Irish Times/Ispos MRBI poll, published in The Irish Times on Friday June 11th, rates Labour as the most popular political party in the state at present and also suggests that Sinn Féin will win that party’s highest share of the national vote since the 1920s. The poll figures offer a more sobering picture for Fine Gael, whose support levels now stand at just 1% higher than what the party won in 2007, while the threat of Electoral Armageddon hangs over the heads of the government parties, with Fianna Fáil likely to lose half of the its seats and the Green Party expected to lose all of the party’s six seats should these poll figures be replicated in a subsequent general election. (more…)