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The Eurovision Handbook 2014

April 23, 2014

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd April 2014 

The Eurovision Handbook 2014 – my commentary book to accompany this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – is now available to buy! While there is an obvious Irish focus to this book, this will consider the Eurovision stories of all this year’s participants – and also the countries who are not taking part this year but have taken part in previous contests (including Morocco!). This book will look at each country’s history at the contest, identify the other countries that they tend to vote for at Eurovision and also assess the likelihood of them voting for Ireland at this year’s contest!!! The book also looks at the importance of language at Eurovision, outlines some of the websites that are worth visiting for people who are interested in the contest, identifies (what I consider to be) the key dates in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, and suggests ways in which you can try to predict this year’s winner!

This book is available either in printed format or in e-book format.

Profits from this book (once printing costs discounted) – if there are any!!! – will go to the Irish Cancer Society.



Who will make it to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Final? Predictions for the Semi Final contests

April 23, 2014

Adrian Kavanagh, 23rd April 2014

As I used this model to successfully predict the Azerbaijan win at the 2011 contest and also Denmark’s win last year,  I am going to use this to tease out who the likely qualifiers will be now that we know the running order for the two 2014 Eurovision semi-finals. Those of you who have read The Eurovision Handbook 2013 will know that I used this same model to (sort of!) successfully predict most of the qualifiers for the 2013 final.


Johnny Fallon and Adrian Kavanagh review this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries

April 15, 2014

Johnny Fallon and Adrian Kavanagh, 15th April 2015

As posted earlier on Johnny Fallon’s website, Johnny and I have looked at all the entries for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and given our own views on them. Please note that these are our own personal views and – though I can’t speak for Johnny here! – cannot be taken as sure-fire guides as to which songs will do well in this year’s contest (in the Kavanagh clan, it’s Daddy Kavanagh who seem to have the midas touch when it comes to predicting Eurovision/Eurosong winners…). These comments can be viewd by downloading the following PDF file:

Fallon and Kavanagh’s 2014 Eurovision Song verdicts