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Laois and Census 2011 – population change in Ireland’s fastest growing county

June 30, 2011

Population change in Co. Laois, 2002-11, by electoral division

The provisional Census 2011 figures published today offer some interesting insights in terms of demographic change in Ireland over the last five years. Despite speculation that population growth levels may have slowed during the Celtic Tiger era, the percentage level of population growth nationally proved to be similar to that for the 2006 Census (although this of course was covering a much shorter time period due to the postponing of the 2001 Census until 2002). As always, there is a very definite geography to population change and population growth levels have been especially concentrated on the counties in the Dublin commuter belt, and the county to especially stand out in this regard, having experienced the greatest percentage increase in population since 2006, is Laois (more…)


Gaelic Football qualifiers standings, update

June 27, 2011

This weekend’s eight qualifiers games have changed the rankings somewhat with some results flying in the face of regular qualifiers form. (more…)

All Ireland Football Championship Qualifier series success levels

June 23, 2011

Interesting data on success levels in all of the All Ireland Football Championship qualifier matches accompanying today’s article by Martin Breheny in today’s Irish Independent – (Breheny (23 June 2011), “Win or Bust: Teams risk early exit but qualifiers can be launch pad for assault on Sam”, Irish Independent, p.62) (more…)