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The United States of NUIM Apprentice-land Elections Task

September 20, 2012

In this elections role-playing task, the students of the NUI Maynooth MA Society and Space class are all vying to be the president of the United States of NUIM Apprentice-land. The electoral process will mirror that of the US Presidential elections and will help the students learn about what happens in the US presidential election process by means of active participation. This will also tease out what might occur if the US Presidential election rules/process was applied to the Irish case!  (more…)


Mobile voting system (pitch for NUIM Apprentices Dragons Den task)

November 11, 2011


Hello and good afternoon everyone. My name is Louise Sheridan and these are my team members Sarah Nealon. Aisling Whelan, Aoife Doyle and Seamus Hanafin. We are here today to make a pitch to you all about a new piece of innovative technology, which we are proud and confident to have created. We as a team know and believe that this piece of technology will make a huge difference to the current political voting system inIreland. (more…)

Political education idea pitch (pitch for NUIM Apprentices Dragons Den task)

November 11, 2011

Political education idea pitch

Political and Dáil reform has recently been widely debated inIreland. There has been heightened interest from the public since the crisis, a situation which has highlighted the many deficiencies the political-economic structures in this country. In this debate about reform, it is important that the voices of the people are heard. In order for this to happen, citizens need to have a more informed understanding of how the political system works in Ireland, which would, moreover, lead to heightened interest in Irish political society. (more…)

OireachtasBase.IE: “A NEW Political Place” (pitch for NUIM Apprentices Dragons Den task)

November 11, 2011


 Background Information

Having had experiences with politicians on social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, one can notice that TDs, Councillors and Senator pages are either: used daily, used every few weeks or months, are hardly ever used, have created a page but have never been used, have false accounts created in their name or, have no account at all. Also, attached to this problem, those who use twitter for political reasons can share their opinions but you cannot necessarily view the opinions of others in response to their arguments, as it is generally a one way conversation. Facebook, being a world wide social media innovation, is generally not used for political reasons, as you can see Enda Kenny page just points you links to other political pages, there are no real discussions taking place. (more…)

Political Action Ireland game (pitch for NUIM Apprentices Dragons Den task)

November 11, 2011

 POLITICAL ACTION IRELAND –The educational DS game for the Nintendo DS

The game will focus on politics inIreland. It will have twelve levels moving for grassroots level all the way to becoming the Taoiseach. Each level will have a number of tasks that must be completed by the budding politician before they can go on to the next level.

Is there a niche in the market for a game like this?
Yes there are no other games like this available on the Irish market that caters to this interest. And yes there will be people who will be interested in this purchasing this game. (more…)

NUI Maynooth Presidential Election Task (a NUI Maynooth Apprentice task run by Bill Kav-llen)

October 19, 2011

The NUIM Apprentice Presidental Election Task

This task invites each of the three student teams to contest the NUIM Apprentice Presidential election – and the stipulation that you need to be an Irish citizen aged 35 years, or over, will not apply here! (more…)