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United Kingdom releases Eurovision jury vote details

June 19, 2012

Adrian Kavanagh 19th June 2012

Figure 1: United Kingdom jury votes for 2012 Eurovision Final as compared with actual (combined televote/jury vote) votes awarded by United Kingdom in that final

Following on yesterday’s release by the European Broadcasting Union of the total jury and televote scores for countries in the two semi finals and the final and the release of detailed jury vote details for a number of countries including Ireland (as discussed in an earlier post), the United Kingdom today released its jury vote details for the second semi final and the final. While the United Kingdom jury was not in a position to vote for Ireland in the semi final (as Jedward took part in Semi Final 1), the United Kingdom jury decided not to award Jedward any points in the Final, instead giving their higher marks to Spain, Estonia and Malta. A comparison between the jury vote and the actual (combined televote/jury vote) scores from the United Kingdom wouldhowever suggest that Jedward probably got the douze points mark from the United Kingdom televote (Figure 1) and that countries such as Turkey and Lithuania also scored well in the United Kingdom televote.


2012 Eurovision Televote and Jury Vote Figures Released: An Analysis

June 18, 2012

Adrian Kavanagh, 18th June 2012

Figure 1: Map showing difference between televotes and jury votes won by Eurovision countries in the 2012 Final. (Or in the semi finals if countries did not qualify for the Final: semi final votes are standardised so that these are equivalent relative the increased number of countries voting in the Final)

The European Broadcasting Union has today released jury vote and televote details for the recent Eurovision Song Contest final and two semi finals – someweeks later than the 2011 figures were released last year (although this year’s contest was of course held some weeks later than the 2011 contest) – and these figures throw up some interesting findings as was the case for the 2010 figures. (more…)

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – How did the Irish jury vote in the Final and Semi Final?

June 13, 2012

Adrian Kavanagh, 13th June 2012

The German Eurovision website,, has today revealed how the Irish Eurovision jury voted in this year’s semi final and final and throws up some interesting trends.

Figure 1: Irish jury votes and actual votes for the 2012 Eurovision Final

In the Eurovision Final the Irish jury gave its highest points to Estonia, followed by Germany, Sweden, Ukraine and Italy (Figure 1). (more…)

The Geography of European Championships Success

June 12, 2012

Figure A: Number of times each country has won the European Championships

Adrian Kavanagh, 12th June 2012

As the previous post showed, certain countries such as Germany, Spain, Russia and France have tended to do excel in the European (Soccer) Championships over the decades since the contest began in the last 1950s.  The level of success of different countries has varied over time. The 1996 contest acts as a significant break in this regard, marking not only the contest where the championships moved from having an 8-team Finals to having a 16-team Finals but also the first such contest to take account (in terms of its list of contestants) of the impacts of the political changes impactsing on central and eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s . Different countries have been either less or more successful in the championships before this crucial 1996 contest. For instance, while Hungary achieved some degree of success albeit not on a par with the stronger countries (two semi final appearances and three appearances in the last eight of the contest) in contests leadign up to the 1992 Finals, the country has failed to make the Last 16 (Finals) on any occasion since the introduction of the 16-team Finals for the 1996 contest. By contrast, the fortunes of countries such as Greece and Turkey, and indeed France, have improved significantly over the same time period. (more…)

What country has the best record in the European (Soccer) Championships? Hint – it’s the Germans!

June 8, 2012

Adrian Kavanagh, 8th June 2012

Ah the summer of a year ending in an even number can mean only one thing – a major international soccer tournament and this year (being divisible by four) it is the turn of the Europeans! While a number of countries competing in this year’s tournament have excellent records over the previous thirteen tournaments, some other countries such as the Ukraine, Republic of Ireland and Poland do not have great records in the European Championships. But how do teams rank in terms of their performance in past European championships? I’ve done a number crunch here to try and answer that question. (more…)