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Pot Luck? Pot Lucked Out! The Draw that Ireland Needed to Get in Tonight’s Eurovision Semi Final Allocation Draw… And Didn’t!

January 31, 2023

Adrian Kavanagh, 31st January 2023

Tonight the semi-final allocation draw for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Liverpool. This will tell us what countries (out of the 31 countries that do not qualify directly for the Final) will take part in Semi Final 1 (on Tuesday 9 May) or Semi Final 2 (on Thursday 11 May), which semi-final will be allocated to the “Big 5″/Host countries (Ukraine, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) to vote in, and whether a country gets to vote in the first half or second half of the semi-final that they have been drawn into.

Figure 1: Countries assigned to different “pots” for the semi-final allocation draw for Eurovision Song Contest 2023 (Australia will be in Pot 2)